SCIENCE & DIVERSITY: Intergrating Diversity

"Building Diversity into your Teaching Portfolio"
The University of Washington and the College of Arts & Sciences place special
emphasis on preparing students to live and work in a multicultural society. This
brochure has been developed to help teaching assistants acquire the knowledge and
skills necessary to contribute to this mission. It offers assessment questions and
resources about student diversity, teaching approaches, and multicultural content based
on the experiences of UW faculty who have participated in seminars and institutes
sponsored by the Curriculum Transformation Project over the past decade.

"Diversity Cooperative Learning and Peer Tutoring in a First-Semester Chemistry Course"
CIC groups and committees provide a forum for peer networking, group problem solving, and information sharing. Group discussion often provides the springboard for new ideas for cooperative activities. CIC staff support and coordinate peer group discussions and meetings as resources permit, with an emphasis on those groups convened at the request of the Provosts. Many groups are self-organized (meaning that members self-identify, and that the group is responsible for scheduling and paying for meetings), and most of the self-organized groups are not represented on the web page. If you have a question about a group that is not represented on this list, contact the CIC at cic@staff.cic.net.

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