25 multicultural resources

10 multicultural resources (i.e. multicultural books, tools and websites)

  1. Cisneros, Sandra. (1994) The House on Mango Street. New York: Random


  1. Hooks, Bell. (1997) Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood. Publisher: Owl Books.

(I did not know how to cite this website because it is similar to the Agents of Change blog, where there are many editors who contribute to the site)

4. Beth S. Atkins. (1993) Voices From The Fields. Publisher: Joy Street Books

5. Klein, Elise. (2007) Teachers Against Prejudice. Retrieved November 2, 2007 from

  1. Sass, Edmond. (2006) Multicultural Lesson Plans and Resources. Retrieved

November 2, 2007 from

  1. Bross, Valerie. (1997) Multicultural Education. Retrieved October 27, 2007


  1. Gorski, Paul. (1995) Multicultural Pavilion. Retrieved November 6, 2007 from

  1. Day, John. (1996) Making Multicultural Connections Through Trade Books.

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  1. Tracy, Ann. (1995) New Horizons For Learning. Retrieved November 6, 2007


!5 Community Resources (i.e. churches, stores, organizations, etc.)

1. Pearsall Park Community Center (210) 623-6544

5102 Old Pearsall Road

San Antonio, TX 78242

Through this neighborhood based center, the community center provides services to divert status and Class C misdemeanor offenders between the ages of 8-16 from the juvenile justice system. Intervention and case management services are provided to youth referred by the Municipal Court, school counselors, and agencies and by family members. Referrals are made to appropriate community agencies as needed. Groups are provided for life skills, anger management, and tobacco cessation and theft awareness. No one was at the center when we arrived and never responded back to our phone calls, so this information is based on internet research.

2. Cortez Library (210) 922-7372

Contact: Cindy Ramirez

2803 Hunter Boulevard

San Antonio, TX 78224

Children, youth and adults using the San Antonio Public Library have access to resources and services that support and enhance their efforts to succeed. They offer computers for research. They offer a variety of resources for special needs people: books on tape and CD; Braille books; CCTV (closed circuit televisions), this device allows material to be greatly magnified onto a television monitor.

3. Central Library (210) 207-2500

Contact: Jennifer Martinez

600 Soledad

San Antonio. TX 78205

The Central Library is the main library that holds many cultural events, such as art, music, story telling and much more. Exhibitions and displays can be found throughout the library. They have a vast amount of resources available including books, computer and classes (learn how to work excel, e-mail, etc.).

4. Sylvan Learning Center (210)359-9000

Contact: Pat Moore

2902 Goliad Rd. Suite 101

San Antonio, TX 78223

Sylvan Learning provides private tutoring for children in grades pre-k through 12. They deliver personalized tutoring programs to students, of all ages and skills levels, in every academic subject and test preparation. They also offer parent tools and family learning activities. The tutoring is not free. You are asked to fill out a form to determine whether you can get a discount. Tutoring starts at $35 dollars and hour.

5. OB/GYN (210)932-2229

Contact: Sharon

7127 Somerset Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78211

They offer services in English and Spanish for free pregnancy testing.

6. Methodist Family Health Center (210) 924-8800

Contact: Roland Rodriguez

137 SW Military Dr, San Antonio

There are three of these in San Antonio and 2 of them are located in our area surrounding South San High School. The free community resources that they offer free pregnancy testing, free help in applying for Medicaid, and free information on transportation. Our health is very important, and the community around these centers should embrace it for all of its wonderful help. A lot of citizens that live in that area need help with Medicaid and pregnancy tests because of their economic status.

7. The Salvation Army 210-977-8220

Contact: Linda McDonald

301 S.W. Military Hwy.

The Salvation Army has always been seen to many as a thrift store, but it has a good message beyond bargains. It is a Christian organization that wants to spread their religion and help the poverty stricken internationally. The one we went to was so friendly and helpful. There area of town that we were in really seemed to need the assistance just by looking at the crowds and the economic level of the neighborhoods.

8. Johnston Library (210) 674-8410

Contact: Jean Sanchez

6307 Sun Valley Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78227
This library is very close to the high school and a lot of students just go there after school to relax, do homework, or just wait for there parents to get off of work. The library provides a place for all of these students to stay when they need to, and it keeps them out of trouble. This library also offers a ton of courses about learning about e-mail, the internet, and many other computer related courses. The community can really use a resource like this because it can be of use to anyone of any age without them having to worry about money.

9. The Arc of San Antonio (210) 490-4300

Contact: Mary Woodard

13430 West Ave
It is a non-profit organization that was created to help children with disabilities, but now it not only helps children and adults with disabilities, but it also offers a directory to help offer information on how to apply for Medicaid and how to contact good physicians at good prices. They are strong advocates of the disabled, and they do the best they can to support them and their families.

10. Crestholme Branch of The Boys and Girls Club (210) 434-4383

Contact: Romeo Cruz

1602 Goliad Road

This branch’s director would be the guy to ask about all the events and other such topics that you would like to know about. This place is excellent for kids to interact with other kids, enjoy themselves, and learn a lot, all while simply waiting for their parents to get off of work. These kids don’t have a place to go that’s safe after school and the Boys and Girls Club really offers a place for them to hang out. It’s not just for kids either. There is a teen center for the older kids so that they can enjoy each others company. There events range from Chili cook-offs to helping students finds a way to make college a reality. This place has it all.

11. Palo Alto College (210) 921-5000

Contact: Nancy Monroe

1400 W. Villaret

San Antonio, TX 78224

Palo Alto offers the library as a resource to students. They provide programs such as Gateway to College (scholarship program). Upward Bound (Pre-College program, free), which is designed to prepare high school students for college. Students receive tutoring, advising and test preparation work shops. Palo Alto also provides a pool and gym access. Charges are only $1 on certain days.

12. Community Thrift Store (210)924-6669

Contact: Sam Anderson

1047 SE Military Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78214

The thrift store is a great place to shop for anything you are looking for and it is at a good price. They have a good selection of clothing and apparel, toys, furniture and household items. These low prices are important to many people in the community because the thrift store offers good bargains and prices.

13. Crossroads Community Church and Christian Academy (210) 623-4504

Contact: Tracey

5834 Ray Ellison Blvd

San Antonio, TX 78242

Crossroads is a close church family. They offer worship services and youth groups. They have an open gym and play area on the weekends and during the summer for the entire community.

14. Millers Pond Community Park (210)207-8480

Contact: John Olmstead

6175 Old Pearsall Road

Millers Pond is a recreational park that offers summer programs, youth sports and many other activities. The recreational practice area includes a football/soccer practice field, additional picnic facilities and security lighting. They hold arts and crafts and crafts shows and allow the community to participate. You are also allowed to fish and picnic by the pond.

15. Ozuna Learning Resources Center (LRC)

Contact: Nancy Monroe

Branch of Palo Alto College

The LRC is a resource within Palo Alto college. The LRC is a research and resource library for the community. It includes computers with wireless access for research and printing is provided. It also provides a children’s library and offers free classes on research (information research certifications).


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