Holmes High School CommunityResources

Here is the resources that are group came up of for the area by Holmes High School.

Group members:
Jose Arevalo
Ervin Weatherspoon
Jennifer Wehe

1.Barnes Noble
It is a place where the community can buy books or they can just go and read them their. It is really close to their school which is good for the students because it can give them an easy access to getting books they need.

2.Ingram Park Mall
It is a place that they can there clothes, shoes, books, CDs, magazines, and technology things. The mall is close to the school so the students could go after school to get things they may need such as a book. The mall is open seven days a week from M-Sa 10am-9pm, Su Noon-6pm.

3.La Fiesta

It is a grocery store that is close to their neighborhood in which they can get their food. They can get food and while they are there they can pay for their bills. It great for them to have a grocery store so close to where they live because they won’t have to waste money on gas to get to a store.

This is a place where the community can get shoes. It is located close to the community which gives them good access to get shoes when they need some for a good price. They are open seven days a week on MON - THURS 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM FRIDAY 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM SATURDAY 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM SUNDAY 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

5.Brake Check

This is close to their neighbor which is good for them because if they ever have problems with their car they can take it their. They do not have to go miles to get their car fixed. The store is open seven days a week and it hours of operation are Open 7:30am To 6pm Monday thru Saturday, 10am-5pm Sundays

6. Seacroft Baptist Church
It is on Callaghan Rd- can serve as a community resource because they have services in Spanish and English, they also have activities for youth and for children from the community and finally they have a nursery to take children to take kids to. This place can serve to all the families in the community who want to find a good church in the area no matter whether you speak English or Spanish.

It is on Evers rd and Callaghan rd will serve the community with many products that anyone might need. In his location there are products from drinks to food to eat. They also carry some clothe and makeup for women, toys for the kids and many kinds
of magazines. The main thing that is carried in this store is medicines all kinds from over the counter to prescribed ones, Walgreens has them.

8.Forest Hills library
It is on Evers rd. is a community resource that is very helpful to the whole family as it is a place where the whole family can go in at once and the young ones have kids books the youth can use the internet there and the parents can read novels or magazines. College students can go and study there.

It is on Hemp St. is a community resource that can mainly be enjoyed during the summer. Again all the family can go to this free entrance pool and cool off. It also serves as a way to keep young ones from getting in trouble by having something to do during the summer’s days when they are off from school.

10.Gilbert Garza Public Park
It is open year round and everyone can go there till 11pm.
This park has a basketball court, a tennis court, baseball field, a gym and a area to have
Picnics. This park is not far is very close to all the neighborhoods in the Holmes high school area.

11.Regal Cielo Vista 18 is a community resource where a family can go to be entertained. They can watch movies, play video games, and can eat at the restaurant. It is near the school so students could go their after school to entertain themselves.

12.Northside Activity Center
It is a place where the students can actually play in school sports such as tennis, football and baseball. If they don’t play sports they can watch game of their friends or just be supporting their people in their classification.

13.Bank of America
It is a community resource where the people in the community can go to deposit checks and where they can put their money. This resource is open Mon 9-4, Tue 9-4, Wed 9-4, Thu 9-4, Fri 9-6, Sat 9-1 and is closed on holidays.

14.Texas Med Clinic
It is a place where the community can go for Sprains, Strains, Animal Bites, Scrapes Insect Stings Minor Fractures Contusions, Cuts, Colds, Fever, Urinary Tract Infections, Allergies, Earaches, Asthma, Abdominal Pain, Sore Throats, Eye Injuries, and Joint Dislocations. The clinic is open seven days a week from 8:00 am -11:00pm which is great because it well safe the people a trip from going to the hospital instead they can go here when their doctor office is closed.

15.Bruce H. Warren MD
It is a place where the community can go when they are sick. They can get a prescription for whatever is wrong with them. By going to the doctor, they could get better and the family can work better in the community because of it.

16. Memorial Branch Library Address: 3222 Culebra • San Antonio, TX 78228Phone: (210) 432-6783Fax: (210) 435-5471Memorial Branch Library opened May 4, 1981, on land that was originally part of a city park. The organization Communities Organized for Public Service was instrumental in raising funds for the facility. The Library Board of Trustees had originally voted to name the branch for José Bernardo Maximiliano Gutiérrez de Lara, governor of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas and opponent of Texas independence. However, the neighboring community strongly requested that the name be changed to honor San Antonio’s war dead, and the Board subsequently voted to make that change.In 1995 the building was renovated and enlarged.COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS• Serves schools in Edgewood ISD and San Antonio ISD. • Directly across the street from St. Mary's University and San Antonio ISD.

17. Frank Garrett Center 1226 N.W. 18th Street San Antonio TX 78207 210/734-5550Under the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department it provides: Recreational, Community Initiatives, and Health Services.Community Action ProgramThe Community Service Program provides emergency assistance and case management services designed to improve the immediate individual and family needs of residents of San Antonio and Bexar County.Services provided include: • Emergency Utility Assistance (electric, water, gas, etc.) • Emergency Rental Assistance • Emergency Food Assistance • Water Conservation Program • SAWS Affordability Discount Program Application (Download) • Disability Public Assistance Program • Information, Referral, and Follow-up Assistance • Case Management • Assistance with Bus Tickets • Prescriptions • Assistance with Birth Certificates, I.D. Cards • Mortgage Assistance • Miscellaneous items • Counseling • Form Preparation (job applications, Social Security, TANF, Food Stamp forms), Interpretation of documents in English and Spanish • Project Warm ________________________________________

18.Project WARM The (Project Winter Assistance Relief Mobilization Program) W.A.R.M is designed to assist City Public Service rate payers with utility rate relief. This collaborative effort between the Community Action Division, San Antonio Water Systems, the Association of Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors (PHCC) and the Association of Plumbing Distributors assist low-income families with needed but unaffordable plumbing repairs. By fixing leaks or repairing/replacing faulty equipment in a timely manner, families are able to avoid more costly and physically threatening damage while the city as a whole preserves its most precious resource: water.

19.Meadowcliff Community Center 1240 Pinn RdSan Antonio, TX 78227(210) 674-0820The San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of year-round programs for children and adults alike. These range from music, art and dance classes offered at our community centers, to fitness classes at the community centers, to a range of sports leagues for youngsters. Programming at the community centers is tailored to each of the 27 centers. These range from cooking classes to teen clubs to Scout meetings and remote control car workshops. For more information on specific programming call the center in your area. For adult athletes, we have basketball and softball leagues offered in the fall, winter and spring seasons. For seniors, check out activities at Commanders House and Lion's "Field Adult and Senior Citizens. Participants gather for a Book Club, travelogues, computer classes, aerobics, painting, and much more, providing that variety really is the spice that keeps us up and moving in life. People with disabilities will find plenty to choose from through our Therapeutic Recreation Program. Regular activities such as dances and bowlathons are just the tip of the iceberg. BlazeSports Club offers the opportunity for athletes with physical disabilities to play wheelchair basketball, rugby, tennis and fencing, as well as other sports.

20. WHITE BREAD COMPETITION by Jo Ann Yolanda Hernandez (Piñata Books, 1997).
I picked this book because it is set in San Antonio. Since it is set in San Antonio, the students in the community that my group selected can relate to her story. Also, it talks about a girl who does not shy away from things that make them who they are. It will show students to be proud of whom they are and not hide away from what they are.

21. I Love Saturdays y Domingos (Americas Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature. Commended (Awards))by Alma Flor Ada, Elivia Savadier (Illustrator) This book would be a great book for this community since it is made up of most Hispanics it could let them seem themselves in this story. It is about a girl who visits both her grandparents on who are white and one who are Hispanic. It gives the student a idea of how it is for children who have families from different backgrounds. It also shows them how they can benefit from having parents from different backgrounds.

22. Cut from the Same Clothby Robert D. San Souci, Brian Pinkney (Illustrator) I picked this book because it gives you a look in different cultures. American women of African, Native American, Mexican and European descent are all in these book. It talks about how they were quiet for so long and then they finally spoke up. I think this would be a great book for females in the community but it could also be a great book for the males to look up to.

23. The Kids' Multicultural Art Book: Art & Craft Experiences from Around the World (Williamson Kids Can! Series) (Paperback) by Alexandra M. Terzian (Author)
I thought this would be a good book because it would allow them to see how it is in different parts of the world. It would allow them to relate to people who are different from them. They may be able to see their own culture in the different crafts that are in the book.

24.America Street: A Multicultural Anthology of Stories (Paperback) by Anne Mazer (Editor)
This would be great thing for them to have because they could read stories about different cultures. It could let them imagine how it is in different cultures. They may then in return recognize the importance in this people cultures. It could lead them to understand people who are different then them.

25.SHAKE IT, MORENA AND OTHER FOLKLORE FROM PUERTO RICO compiled by Carmen T. Bernier-Grand, illustrated by Lulu Delacre (Millbrook, 2002)

I think that this would be a great book to teach about diversity. It allows them to see the different traditions that people have. It gives them a look in their own culture and cultures different from their own. It will let them see how traditions some cultures have may be the same from their own. It could them a better idea how we are all similar in one way or another.

26.Lesson Plan- Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto

It can let them relate to their culture. They can learn about how they celebrate holidays different in Mexico than here. They can learn how to make tamales and how some people only have them during special occasions. Another thing is it could help some of the students learn Spanish which will make them relate to other children who speak Spanish.

27. Lesson Plan- Celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month

It allows them to explore their culture by seeing who is still speaking their native language. It allows them to see the areas where it is the official language. It will give them an idea of who is still using it and may lead them to know more about that country. I think it would be great for the community that we are doing because a lot of the students have these cultures part of their life.

28.Lesson Plan- Advertising in the Multicultural Community

It will let them explore what diversity is and allow them to get a field of cultures different from them their own. It will allow them to understand all the students at their school better. It will allow them to explore different religions and see how they may be the same as theirs. I feel that it would be good for them to do this because it will allow them to see that it is okay to be different. It will also show them that even though someone maybe different from them that there are some similarities.

29.The Gavel(volume 42 number 4, April 14, 2006) the Holmes High School paper is a great multicultural resource since many different students with different backgrounds go to this school. In this issue there are many different articles for different tastes from sports to prom talk to surveys on being a senior in high school. They all have some coupons for students and advertisement for restaurants that are near and have stories on studies that are planning to join the armed forces after high school. As mentioned before students have different interests and this paper does a good job of covering many issues to try to reach as many students as possible

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