Robert E. Lee Ethnography

Community Ethnography of

Robert E. Lee High School

1400 Jackson Keller Rd

San Antonio TX, 78213

Part A

Nov, 7, 2007

Lauren Beckworth

Nicole Brooks

Jessica Dixon

Desirae Hendricks

Kristen Kirchgessner

Multicultural Resources


  1. Teaching Diverse Learners
    • A website designed to help teach English language learners

  1. Black Books Direct-Online

• The website offers book of African-American literature.

  1. Diversity Books

  1. www.diversityweb.org

•Diversity Digest and lesson plans

  1. www.logos.it

• A translation dictionary for a variety of languages included Spanish

  1. www.diversitystore.com

• Posters featuring different ethnic groups and holidays)

  1. Multicultural Book Review Homepage

• Suggests multicultural books and has reviews for them)


8. My name is Bilal By: Asma Mobin-uddin

9. Legend of the Indian Paintbrush By: Tomie de Paola

10. The Tree is Older than You Are: A bilingual Gathering of Poems and Stories from Mexico with Paintings by Mexican Artists By: Naomi Shihab Nye

11. All the Colors of the Earth By: Sheila Hamanaka

12. Whoever You Are By: Mem Fox

13. We’re Different, We’re the Same By: Bobbi Kates

14. Monster By: Walter Dean Myers
• A lot of black kids believe that they are on trial for a crime they didn’t commit.

15. No More Strangers By: Tim McKee
• A Book of Diversity

16. Young, Black and Determined By: Patricia C. McKissak
• This book is a biography of a black playwright who received recognition of her work at an early age.

17. International Journal on Multicultural Studies
• Published by UNESCO. • Focuses on migration, multiculturalism and minority rights.

Community Resources

Allied Women’s Center of San Antonio
102 Marshall Street

San Antonio, TX

Distance: 4.6 Miles

They have provided service to hundreds of women in the San Antonio area free of charge. In 2006, they gave over 240 free pregnancy tests, insure a years worth of free diapers if you keep the baby, provides healthy alternatives to abortion, and promises to assist a woman even after the child is born. Whether the mother is a teenager or an adult, Allied Women’s Center is a non for profit organization that is here to help the people in this city.

Boy Scouts of America

10810 Wedgewood Dr

San Anotnio, TX
Distance: 2.3 Miles

The Boy Scouts of America provide numerous youth programs, including Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing. The Boy Scouts pride themselves by offering the community educational program for boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness. This organization provides a positive role model and environment for students of all ages.

Holy Spirit Sports Complex
6315 West Ave

San Antonio, TX

Distance: 1.3 Miles

San Antonio Pop Warner Little Scholars is the only city organization that offers three different programs; football, dance, and cheer. The organization is the only in San Antonio that required the kids to maintain academic excellence and hold teamwork and sportsmanship to a very high standard. The standards they set will help teach kids about respect, self worth, and motivation in every aspect of their life. HSSC will help the community by bettering the children that will one day run our city.

McNay Art Museum

6000 North New Braunfels
San Antonio, TX

Distance: 7.1 Miles
Website: www.mcnayart.org
Phone number: 210-824-5368

"Step Into A Masterpiece"

The McNay Art Museum house art exhibits, talks, gallery talks and performances. All these components are conducive to the lives of students. Some people once they are older will never visit a museum but the memory of going as a child may spark a desire to go again and maybe even take their children.

Mommy's Freedom by the Hour
11825 West Ave Ste 106

San Antonio, TX

Distance: 3.0 Miles

Mommy’s freedom by the hour is an hourly charging daycare center that stays open late hours during the week as well as the weekend. With low hourly prices such as 5.75$ an hour, this daycare is designed to give families a brake. This daycare makes it possible to forget having to go through the pain to find a babysitter so that you have the opportunity to study or do whatever your day might require.

Morningside Ministries
700 Babcock Road

San Antonio, TX

Distance: 3.0 Miles

They are a non for profit organization providing assisted living and care to older adults in the San Antonio area. Morningside Ministries provide affordable living space and a comfortable new home for families and friends to visit. They help the San Antonio people stay close to their loved ones in an affordable way.

National Alliance on Mental Illness; San Antonio Affiliate

510 Belknap Place, Room 242

San Antonio, TX

Distance: 4.3 Miles

Website: http://www.nami-sat.org/

NAMI was created by a group of families who each have a family member who suffered from a mental illness of some kind, and over the years this has become one of the nations’ largest grassroots organization. According to their website, “NAMI San Antonio believes education is an essential part of understanding and coping with mental illness.” In addition to the free education programs, NAMI also sponsors support groups for people living with mental illness, and their family, and even peer to peer substance abuse counseling. These services are not limited to English speakers—Spanish language support groups and classes are also available.

Planned Parenthood
120 W Ashby Pl
San Antonio, TX

Distance: 4.6 Miles

Website: www.ppsctx.org

The Planned Parenthood Trust of San Antonio and South Central Texas is the oldest and largest family planning and sexual health care organization in South Central Texas. Offering reproductive health care and family planning services, including birth control, STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing and abortion care.

SAM Ministries
5922 Blanco Road

San Antonio, TX

Distance: 0.6 Miles

SAM Ministries: giving hope to the hopeless, and a place like home to the homeless. Founded in 1983 SAMM provides shelter and care to the homeless of San Antonio and is the largest of care and shelter facility in San Antonio and surrounding areas. SAM Ministries only provide a safe environment for the homeless, they also get the homeless off the streets which gives the community and their businesses a sense of comfort.

San Antonio College Dual Credit Courses
Lee High School Campus
Distance: 0.0 Miles

Website: http://www.neisd.net/curriculum/CurComp/dual_credit_program.html

Lee campus offers Anatomy/Physiology/Biology, General Biology II, English IV-AP, and Calculus I-AP as dual credit courses. Dual Credit is a program that allows eligible high school students to earn college credit for certain courses such as English, math, science, and foreign languages (The offerings vary from campus to campus.) The dual credit program offers a curriculum that adheres to college level standards and is free to North East eligible students on their home campus while they are taking high school courses for high school graduation credit.

San Antonio Public Library
600 Soledad

San Antonio, TX

Distance: 5.3 Miles

The public library and its branches offers free books to check out as well as free computers with internet access. Because a library card is offered to any adult of child over thirteen who can show proof of address, the library is a valuable resource to those who can not otherwise obtain books. The San Antonio library also has a program where books can be requested from branches all of the city so that the person themselves does not have to travel very far to get the book they want. In addition the library supplies meeting rooms (for a price), and a range of other activities including yoga, dance classes, and classes for windows office programs, and book reading. Most of these programs are free or have a small charge.

San Antonio Youth Center
1215 W Poplar St.

San Antonio, TX

Distance: 3.8 Miles

The San Antonio youth center gives all the children in the neighborhood the opportunity to develop strength talent and skills while learning who they are. They offer activities such as a sunset hike up a mountain or swim in the river. Get away adventures are available to anyone. This group also offers a safe retreat in a church basement to keep children off of the street and give them something positive to do. This gives the students something positive to look forward to and keeps them off of the street and out of trouble.

Unlimited Thought Bookstore

5525 Blanco # 107

San Antonio, TX

Distance: .58 Miles

Unlimited thought is a specialty bookstore that and learning center. It offers a large selection of spiritual and physiological books and CDs. This selection includes metaphysics, self-help, alternative health and healing. Aside from selling books, the store also offers candles, crystals, posters, wind chimes, oils, and divination tools. This is a very important resource for those who have religions off the main-stream.

The Wittie Museum

3801 Broadway St

San Antonio, TX 78209

Distance: 5.8 Miles

Website: http://www.wittemuseum.org/

With rotating, visiting exhibits—in addition to long term exhibits, like the HEB Science Tree House—the Wittie Museum gives students the opportunity to learn in a new environment. The Wittie even offers educational programs specifically for secondary public schools; currently a program entitled “Fantastic Forces” allows students to observe and physical science concepts, such as gravity, force, and even Newton’s Laws of Motion. Fantastic Forces is offered Monday though Friday and even lists the corresponding TEKS on The Wittie website for teachers and parents. With exhibits on everything from Dinosaurs to South Texas photography the Wittie is an excellent place for students to enrich their minds outside their every day learning environment of the classroom.

Women’s Neighborhood Prayer Inc.
104 Ivywood Circle

San Antonio, TX

Distance: 1.1 Miles

They are tied with Women’s Prayer International. WNP is a nonprofit prayer ministry supporting and preparing women in the community to unite across all colors, races, and denominations to transform their neighborhoods around them, their work, and the nation through and for Christ.

2900 Ruiz St,

San Antonio

Distance: 5.16 Miles

The YMCA features a variety of activities to keep the community fit and healthy. Inside, they feature a weight and nautilus room, a gymnasium, a pool, racquetball and handball courts. Outside they have tennis courts, lighted soccer fields, and a running track. They also offer programs to high schoolers including swimming and karate lessons and basket ball and soccer leagues.

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