Resources Near Pat Neff Middle School

Here are the resources that our group found near Pat Neff Middle School in San Antonio Texas.

Group members include:
Candice Smith
Sesung Park
Dale Staffel
Matthew M. Luis

1. Evers Road Christian Church

Carl Chase 684-2043

5258 Evers Road San Antonio TX, 78238

Their vision statement is, "To provide families with a friendly, Christ-centered church that is geared to meet their needs. We will focus on training parents and children to be godly examples and on equipping them to reach other families for Christ.” Lead by Phillip Walton; Minister and Cody Walton; children’s minister this church has a variety of services to reach people of all ages young and old alike. On Sunday mornings they have a plethora of services to fit the needs of its members. They have an early worship service at eight thirty in the morning followed by Sunday school, a regular service at ten forty five, and even a Spanish service that is held Sundays at two and Tuesdays at seven. They offer Sunday school classes for men, women, and children. In addition to their common ministry they also provide a ministry that goes out to nursing homes, the homeless, and to local orphanages. If you were a member of the youth group at Evers Road Christian Church on Sunday nights you could join in the fun at their Sunday Night Youth Group where they have bible study in creative ways, peer interaction, and free food.

2. Sendero Assembly of God

Sandy Vaughn 680-0111

Daughtry Drive San Antonio TX

This church has an incredible program for bringing its young members to Christ. As a young member of this church you can become a member of the Missionettes, for the girls or the Royal Rangers, for the boys. Both of these youth groups participate in a variety of community service ventures as well as hosting their own bible study sessions and even going to spiritual retreats. Sendero also has an academy for grades k through 12. At this academy they strive to educate their students spiritually and mentally. They teach the students to be active in the community as well as how important it is to further their education beyond high school. Sendero also offers classes to the community like financial management, and new believers’ courses.

3. Youth Advocates at Zion Lutheran Church

Fabian Carr 738-8139

702 Cincinnati

Youth Advocates is a youth development organization that has been active in San Antonio since 1999 it works through the hip-hop culture to make a difference in the lives of youth. A man by the name of Fabian Carr saw there was potential to create something meaningful out of his break dancing skills. He wanted to use his skills for a good cause, to help youth. Youth Advocate’s San Antonio chapter sheds a positive light on break-dancing and hip-hop cultures. The members, or dancers of this group are very close and their bond is based on love respect and acceptance. The program only exist through the dedication of only a few volunteers, but they have been recognized by AmeriCorps an organization that supplies grants to non- profit organizations focused on making a difference.

4. Vision Source

Carolyn Rodriguez 431-0399

4390 Evers Road

This particular Vision Source is one of the largest private practices in the San Antonio area. It was founded by Dr. Agnes Palys in 1981 with the vision of creating an eye care place where the whole family could be serviced at. They offer a variety of services to your entire family for their eye health. Here you can get your annual eye examinations, pick- up your contact lens prescription, pick out new eye glass frames, or even get corneal treatment therapy treatment for your eyes.

5. Forest Hills Library

Judy front desk 431-2544

5245 Ingram Rd San Antonio, TX 78228

Forest Hills Library is a resourceful place not only to the students of the area but to anyone seeking volunteer opportunities, a nice place to conduct a meeting and much more. The library has borrower services that allow you to check out, not only books, but equipment too like DVDs and video cassettes, as well as music CDs and teacher’s card books too. Also available at Forest Hills are meeting rooms and larger conference areas, computers are available to the public, and anyone seeking to fulfill their service needs can volunteer at the library to help reshelf books, children’s story time on the weekends, and by just assisting card holders as they come in.

6. Texas Association of Bilingual Education

Connie Guerra 956-984-6182

5835 Callaghan Rd # 301 San Antonio, TX 78228

TABE is a program that advocates for the rights of children with language minority. They ensure that the bilingual education is implemented correctly for these children to succeed in their education. They do things such as offer scholarships to students who want to become bilingual educators, they advocate that state and federal laws address the needs of English language learners, they fight to get more funding for ESL programs and to get highly certified teachers into the system. This is a valuable resource to the people in our community especially since there are a high number of students and parents that are learning English.

7. Northwest YMCA

Tiger Coffman 520-9700

6530 Wurzbach, San Antonio, 78240

The YMCA is a wonderful facility for children. It serves as an after school program and tutoring center for most of its members. It is primarily offered to fit the needs of low income families, as the Y offers a scholarship to its members to pay for the childcare. The Y also offers swimming lessons, day camps, a youth super sports program and mentors for teens. It also gives both school age and teenagers to express themselves through leadership practices. They partner with local schools, churches, businesses, other non- profits, and municipal agencies to maximize their resources.

8. Avon Recruiting

Lindsey 431-7647

2200 Bandera Rd, San Antonio

This is recruiting center and cosmetics training facility. They offer to train anyone in cosmetic application and sales. It’s a basic job opportunity employment center. The training is convenient because it is offered online or you can attend scheduled meetings. The Avon collection is a way to make extra money without being restricted to a demanding schedule. When getting a job through the center you are also subject to be trained on all the products that the company sells and you are likely to be trained on the spot by an experienced representative.

9. Big Brothers Big Sisters

Allison K. 225-6322

202 Baltimore Ave San Antonio, TX 78215

“Our vision is successful mentoring relationships for all children who need and want them, contributing to brighter futures, better schools, and stronger communities for all.” This non- profit organization matches children and adults together to bond with each other through the offer of time and caring. The organization was established to help delinquent youth by giving them more positive mentors and role models. Since then the program has evolved and is offered to any child seeking a BIG. The organization puts on functions that the matches can attend together like golfing, bowling, skating, and movie nights. The functions are usually free or very low cost. It is a great way to help out in your community by sharing your time with a child and serving as an outlet for most of the kids from stress and worries that they may have at home or at school.

10. University Health System

Hilda ER service desk 358-4000

4502 Medical Dr San Antonio, TX 78229

University Health System holds 604 beds for patients. It is a training/ teaching facility for The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The medical team can get involved in breaking medical research through their hands on training. They are prestigious for achieving many operations for the first time in South Texas. Here they performed the first heart, lung, and heart-lung transplants, and the first newborn heart transplant. They are the number one hospital used for civilian trauma in the entire county. They are a level 1 trauma care center which means they are capable of providing care to even the most seriously injured patients. Even for the minor ailments the hospital treats more than 70,000 patients a year through its emergency room.

11. Planned Parenthood

Maria 681-7800

6749 Bandera Road San Antonio, Texas 78238

Planned Parenthood is a necessary resource available to this area. With the teen pregnancy rate on the rise in Texas especially among minorities it is good to have resources available to answer questions and give help. This particular center is income based so the services you will receive will be paid for based on the amount of your individual income. They offer pamphlets and classes about pro choice, pregnancy, alternative options, safe sex, STDs, birth control, and overall sexual health. They administer annual exams for females, test for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and offer free pregnancy test and ways to cope with being a young parent.

12. A Sharp School of Music

Mark Pierce 259-9784

12732 Cimarron Path Ste 100, San Antonio, TX

A Sharp School of Music headed by Mark Pierce provides to its students private and group lessons. All of the teachers are fully certified music instructors. You can become a student at A Sharp as young as two years of age! As a student at A Sharp they hope that the music instruction that you will be receiving brings motivation to the student. You can receive private lessons on many instruments such as electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, saxophone, flute drums, clarinet and lots more. The company also gives its students the chance to be a part of music groups that perform year around. This school is also the home to San Antonio’s premier jazz group which includes students of all ages from all around the city. The music school is near a variety of schools and is convenient to walk to for after school lessons. In addition to the teaching services the school also serves as a repair shop to guitars and bass instruments, and they sell instruments convenient for any skill level.

Ingram Clinic Texas MedClinic

Sherry 225-0213

4412 Callaghan Rd. 78228

This clinic can be useful as an alternative to the major and often crowded emergency rooms. They offer treatment for colds, flu, sprains, insect bites, minor fractures, and eye injuries. They are affordable to most incomes and they can also serve your family by providing you with a family doctor. The clinic also has doctors that specialize in sports medicine focused on fixing sports related injuries and X- ray examinations. They are also engaged in physical therapy and rehabilitation services for out care and in care patients. They provide numerous vaccinations and are a traveling clinic therefore you can almost be certain that they will be in your area at some time.

14. Child Guidance Center

Elva Diaz office manager 614-7070

2135 Babcock Rd San Antonio

The Child Guidance Center provides outpatient mental health care to children and adolescents regardless of income level. Last year the center provided services to 2,178 children. Thousands of children are serviced each year through this program and all fees that are charged are based on the family’s ability to pay. Contributors like the United Way make up the difference of the cost. The Center's Staff also extends their services beyond the office. They service schools, churches and other social agencies. On the educational side the center also offers post graduate training for child psychiatry residents. All of the training is funded by a local health science center in San Antonio. The Child Guidance Center is committed to identifying and addressing children’s needs quickly. They strive to get positive results and wish to always provide service that is comfortable to their patients and their families. They are now partnering with Juvenile Justice Academy, Head Start and area schools.

15. San Antonio WIC

Rosalind 436-5042

4412 Callaghan Road San Antonio, Texas 78228

WIC is a Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. They provide food vouchers that are redeemable at grocery stores for mostly nutritional foods. They encourage and promote healthy living for mothers and their children by also providing foods such as cereals, fruits vegetables, eggs, milk cheeses, juice, and much more. They also offer nutrition and education counseling to mothers so that they can provide better lives for their children. Services such as health care referrals are provided at no cost to breast feeding, pregnant, and post partum women. They have many locations in the city and women who qualify can chose to visit any of the facilities.


Howard, Gary R. (2006) We Can’t Teach What We Don’t Know. New York: Teachers College, Columbia University.

In this book, the author focuses on his personal experiences, and how he can use them to relate to students. He tends to take the position of a white teacher looking in to a non-white classroom, and uses this to change his perspectives as a teacher.

Nieto, S, & Bode, P (1992) Affirming Diversity, The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural Education. Boston: Pearson Education, Inc.

This book focuses on how cultural differences affect student performance. The authors take into account several factors which include personal, social, and cultural influences and use case studies to help bring a “real life” feel to the readers.

Barrera, Rosalinda, Garcia, Georgia E., Harris, Violet J, &. Willis, Arlette I. (2003).

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This book focuses on diversity by bringing research and participants together from different groups to allow several voices to portray a variety of dimensions of multicultural literacy. The first part of this book explores the complex relationship between culture, language, literacy, and identity. The second part describes developing curricula, assessments, and materials for students from diverse backgrounds. Lastly, the third part of the book’s focus is on teachers and education issues related to implementing multicultural literacies. All the chapters reflect a variety of ways in which the field of multicultural literacies has been interpreted.

Calderon, Jose Z. (2007). Race, Poverty, and Social Justice. Sterling, VA: Stylus.

This book explores several examples of ways to connect classrooms to the communities. It accomplishes this through service learning and participatory research in order to teach issues of social justice. The purpose of the book is to show how someone can use a course content that is community based and socially engaged to convey the power of service learning to the students. Therefore, it provides multiple examples of how service learning can be integrated into courses that address social justice issues. The variety of chapters provide examples of how interaction between students, faculty, and the community create models of democratic spaces where the students are teachers and the teachers are students both on and off campus.

Gross, Ronald and Beatrice. (1985) The Great School Debate: Which Way for American Education?. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, Inc

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This book provides a practical approach for facilitators that need to enhance their skills when working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. More than ever, facilitators are being called upon to work in international and cross-cultural fields to help groups achieve their goals. The book uses a step by step approach to take the facilitator through ideas, processes, models and frameworks designed to assist with the preparation, facilitation and evaluation of workshops. It also advises on how to adapt learning materials for specific situations or cultures and techniques to deal with conflict.

Locke, Don C. (1998). Increasing Multicultural Understanding (2nd ed.). London: Sage


The book focuses on ten elements of a specific minority culture in a classic framework for critical observation. The ten elements include history of oppression, religious practices, family structure, degree of acculturation, poverty, language and the arts, racism and prejudice, sociopolitical factors, child-rearing practices, and values and attitudes. This model for critical observation provides clarity for understanding each specific culture that the author focuses on in each chapter. Therefore, the book is an excellent resource to compare and contrast a specific culture with another culture or group. Ultimately the book is to enhance student’s and counselor’s cross cultural knowledge and enhance their service delivery to individuals from diverse cultures.

Pederson, Paul B., Ponterotto, Joseph G., & Utsey, Shawn O. (2006). Preventing

Prejudice: A Guide for Counselors, Educators, and Parents (2nd ed.). London: Sage Publications.

This book presents a comprehensive overview of prejudice and racism along with including practical tools for preventing as well as fighting prejudice development in children, adolescents, and adults. The book is very helpful in understanding the harmful effects of prejudice and racism on inter-group relations. Key features of the text are stressing the role of authority figures, encouraging healthy identity development, and offering field-tested tools. This book is unique in the ability it has to simultaneously address both professionals and parents to not only help them understand prejudice, but also reduce it.


Academic Excellence Indicator System. Texas Education Agency. Retrieved November 1, 2007, from

From this website, we could encourage the parents of the currently enrolled students to look at the performance of the school. This could help some of the parents who have questions about the overall education that their child is receiving.

Neff Middle School. Retrieved November 3, 2007, from

This website is a compilation of information that is released from the state of Texas after each set of testing results are released. This site could help parents who are concerned about specific rates, such as the dropout rates, or the academic performance of African-American students.

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